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NAFTA freight experiences largest year-to-year increase in more than six years

ELECTION 2018: Oregon voters to decide whether to close tax loophole

Thousands of Freightliner/Western Star trucks recalled for Cummins fuel line issue

10th annual GBATS on pace to be largest one yet

Truck-only toll hikes are infuriating, but I admire Todd Spencer’s restraint
I often admire OOIDA President Todd Spencer’s restraint. This time, I admire his restraint in drafting…

‘Gears, Guitars & Grub’ Mack Anthem tour (Part I)
Mack Trucks currently has six Anthem truck with three different engine specs on the road to test the f…

Just like Noah’s Ark, trucker rescues animals from flood
Call it a modern-day Noah’s Ark. Tony Alsup, an OOIDA member from Greenback, Tenn., continues to load…

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Indiana Finance Authority approves truck toll increase; goes into effect Oct. 5

TANDEM THOUGHTS: Truck-only toll hikes are infuriating, but I admire Todd Spencer's restraint

HURRICANE FLORENCE: I-95 reopens to travelers in North Carolina

Special Olympics truck convoys keep rolling with event in Sioux Falls, S.D.

TANDEM THOUGHTS: 'Gears, Guitars & Grub' Mack Anthem tour (Part I)

Election 2018

your vote counts

This November voters across the country will cast ballots in elections with many important races and issues. Click here to follow Land Line's coverage. It is vital that professional drivers and their families use information available to take advantage of opportunities to have a say in who's representing them and what efforts they support or reject.

2017-18 Winter Chain Law Advisory

Winter Chain Laws

A comprehensive roundup of chain laws and guidelines, now including Canada's chain laws. Here's our 2017-18 advisory.

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