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OMB concludes review of ag rule; hours-of-service rule still 'pending review'

California gas tax rate set to increase July 1; no diesel tax jump

Diesel prices continue to drop across the U.S.

Nominations for Transition Trucking award due June 25

‘Trucking is a hard job’
Yes. It’s another piece about autonomous trucks. But if you’ll bear with me for about three minutes, I…

I’ll take ‘poop powered vehicles’ for $300, Alex
Time has changed our perspective on poop as we learn more about transforming bio-waste into biofuel.

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Oregon State Police attempts to round up Senators for cap-and-trade vote

New Jersey appeals court lets trucker wage lawsuit proceed

Pennsylvania takes first step to adopt snow, ice removal mandate

TANDEM THOUGHTS: 'Trucking is a hard job'

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