Large trucks account for small percentage of total wrecks

By Land Line staff

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has issued a report saying that in 2012 large trucks accounted for only 4.5 percent of the collisions in the province.

When broken down into types of trucks, tractor-trailers were involved in only 2.4 percent of the wrecks according to the Ontario Road Safety Annual Report.

The report also says that despite an 80 percent increase in large trucks on the road since 1993, the number of fatalities involving trucks has been cut in half since then.

The 100 fatalities in crashes that involved trucks accounted for 17.6 percent of roadway fatalities in Ontario in 2012.

Provincial officials cite Ontario’s mandate for speed limiters on trucks as among the factors that have reduced crashes and fatalities since 2003. However, the speed-limiter law only took effect in 2009. The report does not show whether trucks involved in crashes had a speed limiter set.

Ontario’s fatality rate of 0.60 per 10,000 licensed car, truck and motorcycle drivers in 2012 was the second lowest in the province’s history. LL