Opinion editorial
New for 2015, it’s the ‘Truck-Eating Bridge’ calendar

By Greg Grisolano, staff writer

If you or someone you know has had a literal run-in with one of the low-clearance bridges of Davenport, Iowa, let’s be clear off the top that Land Line is in no way attempting to make light of anybody’s misfortunes.

We just want to call attention to the Quad City Times for its tongue-firmly-in-cheek fundraiser to support the local affiliate of Literacy Leadership Inc., a nonprofit that uses newspapers to help promote literacy and critical thinking skills in K-12 students.

That said, a copy of the 2015 edition of the “Truck-Eating Bridge” calendar is hanging beside the 2015 SuperRigs calendar here at Land Line.

The bridge calendars sell for about $21 after taxes and shipping. With the paper providing the photos and absorbing the printing costs, 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to services provided by the program, which include educational materials and lesson plans for teachers and students.

Jennifer Praet, Literacy Leadership coordinator for the Quad City area, said the calendars started about four years ago, in response to the tremendous amount of website traffic for photos of the aftermath of both straight trucks and tractor trailers getting their tops cropped by the notorious bridges (clearance on one of the bridges is only 11 feet, 8 inches).

“We have two bridges in Davenport that tend to be a problem,” Praet said. “The bridge over the Mississippi (River) is called the Arsenal Bridge, and then down Brady Street we have a bridge on there that also has very low clearance.”

Bridge strikes in that area are so common, Praet said the calendar has been able to feature new and unique images every year. LL

Editor’s note: So obviously there’s more than one way to get your truck immortalized in a calendar. Here’s hoping we don’t see any of our friends featured as a monthly meal for some truck-eating bridge.