Voter sources at the ready

This year marks the 10th anniversary of OOIDA’s initiative to promote professional drivers’ participation in the election process. The initiative is focused on giving truckers the tools to become active, informed voters.

The project involves a website,, which helps truckers with registering. It also has information about OOIDA and its mission, the Association’s national legislative and regulatory priorities, state legislative happenings, an up-to-date “feed” of recent important national votes, tips on contacting lawmakers, and more.

On the website is a link that routes you to OOIDA’s partnership with Project Vote Smart provides truckers access to additional tools to help inform them for Election Day. provides independent nonpartisan information on a public officeholder’s key votes, public statements and interest group ratings. The site also allows visitors to learn more about national and local candidates and to search by state for any ballot measures.

A key feature on the site is dubbed VoteEasy. The feature is intended to simplify the process of deciding which candidates for Congress best share your views on issues, and which candidates do not. The VoteEasy feature asks visitors questions on significant topics and, based on your responses, matches you with a candidate.

The site also has information on registering to vote. After clicking the “How to register” link, visitors will be sent to a page where they can scroll to their home state. From there they can access specific information about the state’s registration rules.

For each state, residents will get information that includes their registration deadline, qualifications to vote, how to obtain a voter registration form, information on absentee voting and how to find their polling place.

When it comes to registration information, and other essential voting details, provides access to everything you may need to get you through the voting process.

Other helpful resources for sifting through the rhetoric of political ads include,, and

In addition, websites that devote their attention to trucking issues are and

Truckers who do not have web access – or those who have questions or need assistance – can call the OOIDA Membership Department at 800-444-5791, Ext. 4906. LL