High marks

By Gary William Carr, Ph.D., life member

It is important to pause and look back at all the individuals and organizations that influence one’s decision within a career path. OOIDA is celebrating 40 years in business; my business started in June 1994 with the help of many individuals from OOIDA. I had a degree in economics and financial experience on Wall Street, but OOIDA helped me in dealing with all the state and federal regulations and the individuals I needed to contact to obtain licenses.

I had no experience in the trucking industry, and must give OOIDA high marks for the information given, especially in Land Line Magazine. I still rely on OOIDA employees who help with state issues that arise.

As a member of the board, I have visited the Washington operations and was surprised to watch the many government officials asking OOIDA employees questions on our industry. A lot of reading is required of pending financial bills and changes in laws as to how we as drivers and owners will operate.

I support the OOIDA PAC because it is very important to have political candidates that will further our businesses and legitimate safety issues. And I further support the scholarships awarded each year for members’ children. I thank OOIDA for taking on legal challenges to support our members; my business could not afford the cost alone.

I believe Mr. Johnston, president and CEO, and fellow officers need to be congratulated for keeping OOIDA financially sound and up to date on the trucking issues for independent drivers. The success of OOIDA means a lot to me. LL