By Todd Spencer, OOIDA Executive Vice President

For 40 years, the goal of OOIDA has been to provide truckers with the quality of representation needed to make sure their views are considered on all important issues in trucking.

It was a big task then and it’s a big task now. When the founding members first headed to Washington, DC, in 1973, they discovered that lawmakers knew very little about the real trucking industry. They had no comprehension of the unique and sometimes outrageous situations that professional drivers encounter on a regular basis. Many still don’t know that trucking is mostly small business.

To make matters even more frustrating, lawmakers had no idea how to go about resolving the problems of real truckers. They still don’t.

That doesn’t mean that 40 years ago it was a tough go for truckers and it never got better. It has improved on so many levels, but what has not changed is representing truckers is a job that requires constant vigilance. Somebody is always trying to game the system.

We found out long ago that the price of not being involved can be high. Persistence pays off, but you’ve got to be involved to make that happen.

What we learned during those first years is still true today. You’ve likely heard me say this before, but if you are not represented, you will probably be misrepresented. LL