Message from the President
Important election coming up for OOIDA members

By Jim Johnston, OOIDA President and CEO

The month of November has seen an important election for the nation. And your professional truck driver association – OOIDA – is also involved in a critical election. In fact, you should have just received your ballot.

Elections for five alternate members of the OOIDA Board of Directors are in full swing. During the nomination process, 105 members were nominated. From those, the nomination-election committee narrowed the field to the 10 nominees who were invited to the fall Board of Directors meeting. Nine qualified for the final ballot, and this slate of candidates is among the best we’ve seen for a ballot in quite a long time. Each one of them would make an excellent alternate member of the board.

Beginning on Page 50 of this issue is a special section featuring brief “bios” of each of the nine nominees. In addition, the nominees on your ballot are being featured on our Sirius XM satellite radio show, “Land Line Now,” and on our Association websites. Don’t miss the opportunity to evaluate each one and what they bring to your Association. Your vote (and you can vote online) needs to be returned to OOIDA by Dec. 31.

For the better part of four decades OOIDA has been guided by the collective experience and wisdom of the OOIDA Board of Directors. The members of our board are current or former professional truck drivers who are elected from the Association’s membership.

I want to emphasize how much your Association needs your involvement and needs you to be committed to making an informed choice. OOIDA board service is high-impact. Board members are tasked with overseeing the Association as well as identifying issues and prioritizing the Association’s advocacy efforts on behalf of our members. To say the least, the board is an essential part of the Association’s efforts to serve the truck driving community and to fight for the rights of truckers.

Alternate directors serve crucial roles for the board and for the Association overall. In addition to taking on voting privileges when board members are unable to participate in meetings, alternates are effectively board members in training. They participate fully in all discussions of issues before the board.

Think how it might be to have a professional association that did not give its members the choice of leadership, no nomination privileges, no vote? How could you even begin to feel represented?

Building strong board leadership in the Association is a process that begins with the single votes of our members. Don’t miss the opportunity to strengthen our future with a vote that represents your choice. LL