Roses & Razzberries

By Terry Scruton, Land Line Now senior correspondent

ROSES to everyone who participates in the Run for the Wall every year.

If you don’t know what this is, it’s a beautiful event in which hundreds of motorcyclists gather to ride across the country to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, every spring.

And since our office is right here on I-70, it’s kind of like Christmas here at headquarters as we count down to the arrival time like little kids counting the days until Santa gets here. Then we all run out on the grass and give ’em a big wave and salute as they roll by.

It’s a really great cause and we also have to give ROSES to the people they ride for – all of those who gave their lives in service of their country.

RAZZBERRIES for Pat Loeb, a reporter for a CBS affiliate out of Philadelphia.

Ms. Loeb recently ran a story about the growing menace of truck drivers riding the bumpers of cars as they go through the E-ZPass lanes in New Jersey and Delaware.

The only problem is that the so-called problem is neither growing nor very menacing. But that doesn’t stop Loeb from trying to make it into a bigger story. She even quotes a spokesman for the Delaware River Port Authority as saying it’s a “pretty infrequent” occurrence.

She did at least talk to a truck driver, though he said he pays all of his tolls. She also talked to another source she called “a frequent commuter” who said it was the first time he’d ever heard of such a thing. Yep, sounds like a growing problem to us. We haven’t seen that much stretching outside of an Olympic gymnastics competition.

Army 1st Sgt. Carly Tanner would like to send out some ROSES to everyone who donated to OOIDA’s Truckers For Troops Telethon.

Carly, who says he plans to renew his OOIDA membership when he finishes his service, recently received a couple of care packages from OOIDA and wrote a letter of thanks, saying that “the contents were awesome.” On behalf of the female soldiers, he expressed gratitude for the items in the packages that were especially for them, noting they are “too often overlooked.”

He also wanted to send a special shout out to his “trucking family” from the 113th Sustainment Brigade Soldiers. Consider it sent, Sgt. Tanner, and ROSES and thanks to you and your fellow soldiers for all that you do to keep our country safe. 

ROSES to OOIDA Life Member Gene Michaud of St. Catherines, Ontario, for his victory in his lawsuit over Ontario’s speed limiter rule.

Gene filed a constitutional challenge last year against the province, claiming that the law requiring certain heavy trucks to have a working speed limiter violates a trucker’s right to personal safety. An Ontario trial judge agreed with Michaud’s claims, ruling in his favor in June.

The judge also said the law violates the principles of fundamental justice because, rather than make the roads safer as claimed by the province, it instead creates a danger. The judge wrote that, because of the speed limiter, the driver’s “ability to have full care and control of all aspects of the vehicle and therefore safety is impaired as opposed to improved.”

He went on to say that having the speed limiter puts Michaud and other drivers “in a dangerous situation.”

We have to give ROSES to the judge, Justice of the Peace Brett A. Kelly of the Ontario Court of Justice, as well. Because of his ruling, the thing in a dangerous situation now is the future of companies that make speed limiters.

RAZZBERRIES to the New York State Thruway and its consultants for a plan that would raise tolls for truckers – and truckers only – on the Thruway by 45 percent. That means a trip from Buffalo to New York, which currently runs about $88, would jump to $127.

Bonus RAZZBERRIES to New York Thruway Chairman Howard Milstein, who called the hike a “modest increase.”

Sorry, chairman, but for truck drivers whose life blood depends on the Thruway and who already pay 40 cents per gallon in diesel taxes in New York State, a 45 percent increase in tolls is anything but modest. But not to worry, governor, we can think of plenty of other words to describe it.


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