Cover Story
Team players
After previous owners shut down the company without notice more than two years ago, the new owners of IdleAir have been working to rebuild their network and customer loyalty.

By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer

You might say IdleAir is in recruiting mode – out there  scouring the country, looking for prime locations to join a team in offering a unique solution to key-off comfort.

The company has 27 locations in 12 states in the United States. It hopes to have more than 100 locations by 2014.

Jeff Maurer, chief listening officer for IdleAir, headquartered in Knoxville, TN, said the company has been “focused on making meaningful improvements to quality and service.”

He said an honest dialogue with customers has been key in rebuilding its network, which now has more than 20,000 subscribers to IdleAir services.

“IdleAir has made a commitment to open and honest communications with our customers,” he said. “When something’s not what it should be, we want to know about it.”

He said the company relies on customer feedback to help IdleAir improve its services.

“Social media, including Facebook and Twitter, has been an important tool in connecting with customers and facilitates honest, transparent conversations,” Maurer said. 

For new and former customers, Maurer said IdleAir is offering a $5 credit to try IdleAir services. They are also still honoring old balances, even for those who no longer have their membership cards, including unused WiFi time.

The IdleAir team recognized the importance of delivering value, consistency and dependability.

“We streamlined IdleAir services, simplified pricing, and froze prizes so customers could depend on the same low price and guaranteed savings,” Maurer said.

IdleAir’s plan to expand its anti-idling services includes opening new locations in key corridors in the U.S. and adding returning U.S. veterans to their team. They also plan to expand IdleAir services by officially launching  the new VIP driver program, which rewards customers for using IdleAir services.

“Making these promises, and making good on these promises, has helped build customer trust in the new IdleAir services,” Maurer said. LL