Reed and Barry's Bose Ride adventure

By Sandi Soendker, managing editor

There it was, the final afternoon at MATS. It was getting a little late, but there was enough time for one more feat from our media crew.

Land Line Now’s Reed Black and Barry “Ice Man” Spillman decided to see how good their teeth were. No, it has nothing to do with German Roasted Nuts left over from last year.

They tried out the Bose Ride electromagnetic suspension system – winner of the Truck Writers of North America Technical Achievement Award for this year.

The Bose Ride replaces the conventional truck seat with a seat that works by using a high-powered linear electromagnetic actuator and some other super-technical stuff to detect the vibration and compensate for it.

For the big tryout, Reed and Barry first sat in a regular seat, sans Bose, on this simulator that jounced their bones (up to 4 inches up-and-down) enough to chatter a driver’s teeth and make a person half cross-eyed.

Next they tried the same torturous jounce with Bose Ride. Reed described the experience as “amazing.” His first comment sounded a lot like one heard from truckers all the time: “You are not going to believe this, but ...”

The Technical Achievement Award was presented at the TWNA Industry Awards on March 31, in Louisville. The other finalists were the HMP Thermal De-Icer from Heat Matt, Wheel Torque Solutions from Alcoa & Partners, and the 14X Tandem Drive Axle from Meritor.

The very first Technical Achievement Award was presented in 1991 to Grote Industries for its red LED marker light. Since receiving the inaugural award, Grote has sponsored the annual trophy.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Technical Achievement Award. LL