The talk is all good, now let's see some action

By Todd Spencer, OOIDA Executive VP

There’s a lot of talk coming out of Washington, DC, right now about the burden that regulations place on small businesses.

No group knows more about regulatory burdens than truckers. The price tag for regulatory compliance is growing and is pushing the industry to the tipping point.

Each and every regulation comes with a cost. Agencies are obligated by Congress to consider that cost of compliance against the hopeful benefit of those regulations.

President Obama reminded agencies of this obligation in January. The House of Representatives is now moving toward holding hearings on the agency actions that may overload those who are subject to compliance.

While this is all encouraging, we must insist on some follow-through here.

The trucking industry doesn’t need a pat on the head, a knowing nod that things are tough. There must be some real action.

Trucking is being hit from all sides right now. The cost of buying a new truck has gone up some $40,000 in less than a decade. Now the EPA and NHTSA are looking at proposals that could drive that cost up even more in just three years?

Electronic on-board recorders are not proven to improve highway safety. All they amount to are fancy gadgets that carry a hefty price tag – one that will just add to the cost of trucking, again.

Those are the tip of the iceberg. There also more regulations being considered to slow you down and cut your working hours, all of which have a direct effect on your income.

This industry has been put through the ringer. Profit margins are tight and will continue to shrink under this growing trend of more regulation.

Lawmakers must hear from truckers every day on how these regulations – coming from multiple agencies and not just the DOT – are taking a toll on your bottom line.

Let’s hold their feet to the fire and see some real work done on easing the cost of compliance on the trucking industry. LL