Feds target cell phone use in CMVs

Last year, when the feds banned texting while driving for commercial operators, OOIDA’s comments helped shape the final rule to protect small-business owners. The Association is once again asking “Can you hear me now?” and intends to be the voice of reason in a dust storm surrounding a proposed rule that would restrict the use of cell phones for CMV drivers.

“The bottom line is that the FMCSA has no valid studies showing increased accident risk on the part of CMV drivers using cell phones – hand-held or otherwise,” said OOIDA Director of Regulatory Affairs Joe Rajkovacz.

Comments on the notice of proposed rulemaking are due by March 21. In a nutshell, the rulemaking would restrict the use of mobile telephones while operating a CMV. While the rulemaking is intended to target “hand-held” usage, the FMCSA is also exploring the “what ifs” of expanding the restriction to target hands-free use as well. LL

By David Tanner, associate editor