OOIDA life member honored at White House

By David Tanner, associate editor

OOIDA Life Member Steve Davenport and OOIDA President and CEO Jim Johnston were invited guests of the White House on May 16 as part of the administration’s Champions for Change program, which salutes innovators, educators and builders.

Davenport is a U.S. Army veteran, 43-year veteran of trucking, and an alternate member of the OOIDA Board of Directors. He and Johnston were there to participate in a roundtable discussion with 19 other invitees from different areas in transportation as part of the Champions of Change program in coordination with National Transportation Week.

“It was an incredible experience,” says Davenport, a resident of Lewisville, TX. “I was proud to be able to stand with Jim Johnston and be part of the Champions of Change. I got to speak my piece and everybody was listening. It makes a person like me feel good.”

Davenport has owned and operated his own truck for 10 years, hauling flatbed building materials. Prior to that, he was a company driver for 33 years. He joined OOIDA because of the Association’s advocacy for all professional drivers.

Later in May, Davenport returned to DC, but for another reason near and dear to his heart. Like many veterans of his era, Davenport makes his way to services at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall each Memorial Day.

“This is my 29th year, and I’ve never missed,” he said between the trips.

Davenport was active in the Army 1969-71 and in the Reserves 1971-75. LL