Truckers for Troops Telethon sets another record

OOIDA members and other truckers have done it again.

This year – in spite of the economy – a new record was set for contributions to the Truckers for Troops Telethon.

This year’s preliminary total is $56,711. That’s $2,000 more than last year and $14,000 more than in 2007, the first year of the telethon.

That preliminary total will likely go up as more donations come in.

The generosity of all the truckers who participated means OOIDA will be sending a record number of care packages to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Land Line Now’s Mark Reddig – who worked tirelessly to put the telethon together – says the outpouring of generosity comes as no surprise to him.

“Well, we’ve always said throughout the whole telethon that these people are incredibly patriotic,” Reddig said. “Truckers are simply good people. They are the opposite of this public image that they have. And once again they’ve simply proven that.”