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In-Cab Fever
All work, no play makes Jack a brain-dead workaholic
Truck driving is a job that can easily demand that 80 or 90 percent of your waking hours be working hours. Even when you’re off-duty, too often you’re on a short leash. Seeking a healthy balance while you are sitting for hours in your truck or in a truck stop isn’t easy, but we’ve got some ideas to stave off the “in cab fever.” Whether you need an entertaining escape or an intellectual retreat, we’ve got you covered.

Riddle me this: ‘IW84NO1’

We’ve all seen vanity plates and thought “I don’t get it,” only to have the light bulb come on 15 miles down the road.

A puzzle book by Michelle Mazzulo could hone your decoding skills. As the title suggests, “Vanity PL8 Puzzles” is all vanity plates. Nearly 200 of them. Some funny, some snarky, all clever. Pure UEEEEA for a puzzle fan. (Euphoria! Get it? U + 4E + A = euphoria.)

These brain teasers will keep restless team drivers busy for hours. They could also come in handy when you take your son or daughter for a ride-along.

If the puzzles cause your gears to lock up, don’t despair. The solutions are in the back. My personal favorite, and possibly my next vanity plate? TI3VOM. ... Figure it out yet?

... Give up? It’s MOVE IT backward and works best when spotted in a rearview mirror.

– Barry Spillman, “Land Line Now” senior producer/engineer

Whitesnake: ‘Good to Be Bad’

Most fans of hard rock music remember David Coverdale and his trademark vocals that became well-known shortly after he became the lead singer of Deep Purple years ago. Whitesnake was another band he fronted and led to be a huge success in the early 1980s and well into the next decade.

Whitesnake’s newest album, “Good to Be Bad,” has much the same hard, raw sound that loyal fans crave. From the beginning track, “Best Years,” to the end, it has that same upbeat sound – and with a nice power ballad “All I Want, All I Need.” Another ballad, “Summer Rain” has meaningful lyrics that seem fit for any trucker out on the road who wants to dedicate a song to his or her significant other from across the miles. This is definitely one of the best rock ballads I’ve heard in years.

If you were a Whitesnake fan back in the day, the sound of this album will bring back a lot of memories.

– Jeff Barker, Land Line Magazine contributing writer

Indiana Jones: thrilling adventures, narrow escapes

Indy is looking for a powerful relic in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” The time is 1957, and Indy is suspected of being a spy and has been fired from teaching. Russian soldiers have plundered a top-secret government warehouse. Indy is on the run to rescue a colleague in the Amazon jungle and to solve the mystery of the Crystal Skull.

Best-selling author James Rollins is a good pick for the novelization of the movie. Both Rollins, an avid spelunker and scuba diver, and narrator L.J. Ganser have a knack for wisecracking humor.

The audiobook is faithful to the film version and has the same science fiction turn at the end, which is unlike previous Indy adventures. Published by Random House Audio, the unabridged run time is 8½ hours.

– By Jonathan Lowe. Audiobooks may be rented in truck stops
from Audio Adventures. Jonathan’s Web site is