We are NOT bashing political parties

Mark Reddig
"Land Line Now" host

I think some people have become very sensitive about some comments – in fact, quite a few – that we have made about some public officials on our “Land Line Now” show on XM Satellite Radio, in Land Line Magazine or on our Web sites.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. We don’t favor either political party. I would point out that we’ve had plenty to say about Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania for his efforts to sell that state’s toll road, and Rendell is, in fact, a Democrat.

We’ve also been glad to point out that the governor of New Jersey – another Democrat – has proposed to sell his own state’s two major toll routes to private investors.

And yes, we’ve pointed out that Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana and members of the current administration in Washington, DC – also Republicans – are pushing for privatization.

You may notice a pattern here, but it’s not bashing one party or promoting another. We don’t care what party these politicians belong to.

The pattern here is our mission – we fight for the rights of truckers. Period.

Privatizing highways can only take more and more hard-earned cash out of the pockets of America’s truckers. And that, I guarantee you, we care very much about.

On the federal level, when we talk about Republicans, it’s because they control the White House. When we talk about Democrats, it’s because they control Congress.

When Republicans controlled Congress, we talked about them, and with them, more often. But we talked to Democrats even when they were not in power, and we’ll talk to Republicans even though they aren’t in power now.

Point is, we’re here for the truckers, and we work toward what we think will do the most to promote their rights and their prosperity. And that, I’m afraid we can’t apologize for.