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Roses & Razzberries

From the Utah trucker who saved a damsel in distress, to the Chicago trucker who saved two people from a fiery wreck. From the Iowa trucker who spotted a house fire and saved a family to the Arkansas driver who literally gave an injured woman the shirt off his back to make a tourniquet, here’s a big bunch of ROSES to all of the heroes on the road we’ve been seeing in the news lately.

So many times, all we hear about trucking in the mainstream media is the bad news – no matter if it’s accurate. It’s nice to hear some stories that remind us that most truckers are good people, willing to lend a hand to those in need.


OOIDA member Ken Arnold sends out a truckload of RAZZBERRY wine to a liquor distributor he dealt with recently in Kansas City, MO. Ken was 10 minutes late for a delivery and called the company to let them know.

They told him it wasn’t a problem, but when he got there, Ken said he was forced to wait more than five hours before they unloaded his truck.

Call us crazy, but a five-hour wait for being 10 minutes late hardly seems like a fair trade. Maybe the folks at that liquor distributor have been dipping into their inventory.


A ROSE to Maine state Sen. John Martin, D-Aroostook County, for setting up a meeting back in October to allow truckers to discuss their concerns with state officials. The meeting was to focus on issues ranging from strict regulations to fuel costs.
Before the meeting, Martin said one trucker told him that he was fined $100 because the red flag he’d tied on the end of his flatbed was dirty. While we’re at it, how about a RAZZBERRY to the genius inspection officer who wrote that citation? Sounds like the truckers in Maine have plenty to be concerned about.


Marque Carpenter, an OOIDA member from Acworth, GA, offers a ROSE to the Tennessee Highway Patrol officer who gave him a Level II inspection back in August. We ordinarily wouldn’t give a ROSE for that, but there’s more to the story.

Marque said that, after the inspection, the officer took time out of his busy day and answered all of Marque’s questions and then told him about a Web site he could visit for more information.

Marque said that, in his 20 years of trucking, he had never met an officer “so professional but also so caring (for) the safety of the trucking industry.” It’s too bad it took Marque 20 years to meet one.


Land Line reader John Wren of Watertown, WI, sends a group RAZZBERRY to most of the media outlets in that state. John participated in the World’s Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics this past summer, and he said of all the media outlets in the state, only two radio stations gave any coverage to the event.

With 20 network affiliate TV stations, more than 20 daily papers and more than 40 non-daily papers in the state, you’d think someone, somewhere would have been interested in the story of 95 trucks raising more than $35,000 for a good cause. It seems the only time the mainstream media cares about trucks is when they’re involved in a crash.


Speaking of Wisconsin trucks doing something for a good cause, a ROSE to Kreilkamp Trucking of Allenton, WI. The local trucking firm recently donated three of its company tractors to the Waukesha County Technical College’s Commercial Truck Driving Program.

Kreilkamp also leased two other tractors and five trailers to the program. The trucks were put to use beginning with the school’s September classes. Once again, we refer the mainstream media to the positive side of the trucking industry. We’ll keep saying it until somebody pays attention.


Doug Chambers, an OOIDA life member from Claremore, OK, sends out a Texas-sized RAZZBERRY to a distributor he hauled for in the Lone Star State recently. We won’t name names, but Doug said a forklift operator at the distributor ripped part of his trailer.

The manager took pictures and told Doug to get it fixed and send the company the bill. When Doug sent the bill, the company refused to pay.

The manager hung up when Doug and his wife finally reached him. He even hung up on someone from OOIDA’s claims department. They say everything is bigger down in Texas. Guess that goes for the jerks, too.


“Roses and Razzberries” is written by Terry Scruton, senior correspondent for “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio. He may be reached at