OOIDA on the road
Road talk and sleeper slogans

Whine not? We look forward to drivers coming in to talk, share their stories, ask questions, etc. ... but Woody is thinking of putting up a sign that reads, “$50 fine for whining.”

Driver image. In one of the truckstops where we were set up, I was complimenting the maintenance manager on how well the lot was kept up. He said that when he first started working there, they only had eight refuse barrels set out for the drivers to use.

“Now I have 42 barrels,” he said, “and some of these drivers still can’t get their garbage into one.”

Sleeper Slogans. Here’s some of our favorite sleeper slogans.

(Written upside down) “If you can read this, please turn me over.”
“ In God we trust.”
“ Spoiled.”
“ Thanks to The Keeper of the Stars.”
“ Low Income Housing.”
“ Gotta Go.”
“ I Think I Can.”
“ Only the Strong Shall Survive.”
“ Showin’ Up is Half the Battle.”
“ Daddy’s Pad When Mom’s Mad.”
“ Runnin’ Down a Dream.”
“ Poor Little Hillbilly.”
“ Pride of the Great Lakes — Thanks Dad.”
“ Born to Truck.”
“ She Thinks My Truck is SEXY.”
“ Foot Loose.”
“ It’s a Pride Thing.”
and many, many “In Memory of …”