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Those of you who use computers know they go a long way toward helping to not only organize useful information you’ve collected, but also to find more ... and in the trucking business, information is essential to keep ahead of the competition. That’s why I was surprised to hear from a member who owns a computer, but wasn’t aware OOIDA maintains two web sites, and

Question: I’ve been a member of OOIDA for a few years, but never realized until a friend told me you have a web site. I found a lot of useful information there, and I wish I’d known about it sooner. Don’t you think more people would like to know about this?

Answer: You’re right … we definitely believe more people would like to know about our web sites, and since you mentioned it, here’s a summary of what you’ll find when you access these two sites:

The site is our online daily newspaper dedicated to keeping professional truckers informed about important happenings within the trucking industry. Here you’ll not only find the daily trucking news, but you’ll also be able to read the e-version of Land Line Magazine. If you’re searching for an article you remember reading in a past issue of the magazine, you’ll find help in the archives located on this site.

At, you can send an online letter to the editor, complete a survey, or contact us with your questions or comments. Whether you want to check out the classifieds or subscribe to Land Line, you’ll find this web site is a convenient source of valuable information and trucking news, so you should definitely add this URL to your “favorites.”

The association’s web site is, where you can read OOIDA’s official comments on various trucking issues, find the latest Call to Action notices, and read information on important issues such as NAFTA, hours-of-service regulations, state-by-state legislative updates and OOIDA lawsuits. You can even print out the Federal Leasing Regulations for those times when you need to “educate” your leased company on their obligations and your rights as a leased owner-operator.

You can click on “Trucking Tools” for an excellent source on weather and road conditions, and current diesel fuel prices. You can even complete a form to receive an online truck insurance quote. In addition, our motor carrier rating survey is now on our home page waiting for your input about experiences (good or bad) with your lease company.

This web site will tell you all about OOIDA’s many benefits and services, and you can sign up for membership online as well. OOIDA members have exclusive access to our members only pages where they’ll be able to share their ideas and comments in our members’ forum, as well as find out about our safe driving awards and scholarship programs. There’s also a FAQ section where members can read the “Can they do that?” questions owner-operators ask us about their leases with their motor carriers.

Our “Check is in the Mail” feature allows you to see for yourself a list of carriers, shippers, freight forwarders and brokers from which OOIDA members have experienced late or nonpayment for loads hauled. You also can get free classified advertising and the latest news including discount offers for members only.

These two web sites are certainly worth visiting, and we want everyone to become familiar with them, so I’m doing my part to spread the word to those professional truckdrivers who may not know about them. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and I hope you’ll tell your friends about and