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Truckers Speak Out
How do you get respect? Earn it

By Edwin Fowler, Memphis, TN

If you turn on your CB radio you will hear a stream of dirty talk, or downgrading other drivers just because of his or her race or sex. Drivers seem to enjoy writing messages to four-wheelers to lift their skirts or show their upper body as they pass. Then, you’ve got the wise guy going too fast that runs right up on Grandma’s bumper tailgating the poor lady. We all have seen areas in truckstops marked in bold orange paint “no parking.” So drivers will park there blocking other drivers in or causing a real driving hazard to others. Or better yet, they park on the fuel island while they go in to eat or shower or throw a bottle full of pee on the roadside. These are the same people that want respect. No wonder our Congress listens to groups like CRASH.

Recently I was sitting in the TA truckstop in Ontario, CA, and these were the basic topics: I want to know how our government can suspend our rights under the Constitution, freedom from illegal searches, equal protection, i.e., equal justice for equal crimes.

If drivers want respect out here first off let’s stop playing dead, giving our hard-earned money to some court in nowhere, USA. Let’s fight every ticket, make ourselves heard in the hallowed halls of our Congress, start respecting the rights of others and use common sense while operating an 80,000-lb. truck. Let’s put trash in its proper place, and clean up all this degrading talk. As my father used to tell me “people only think you’re stupid until you open your mouth, then you wipe away all doubt.” And from the filth and degrading talk I’ve heard over the last ten years I’ve heard a lot of stupid people out there. That’s why I turn off my CB. How can OOIDA make progress when there are thousands of drivers out there pushing you back two steps for every one gained?