Kentucky court hearing postponed, again

by René Tankersley, feature editor

Rae Ann and Barry Lorenz thought they were finally getting their day in court. Their case was scheduled for a hearing March 8, one year to the day after the couple was stopped, pepper sprayed, pulled from their truck and arrested by Martin Mattingly, Unit 432 of the Kentucky Division of Motor Vehicle Enforcement.

The Lorenzes and their new attorney David Harshaw of Louisville, KY, arrived in Shelbyville only to be told the hearing had been postponed again for the fifth time. This latest postponement came as a result of a motion for continuance from the Lorenzes’ previous attorney, Gilmore Dutton. Although the Lorenzes dismissed the Shelbyville attorney and notified the courts of such, the judge granted the continuance because Dutton was not sure if his clients knew about the court date. A new court date is set for June 15.

The Lorenzes want the opportunity to defend themselves against multiple charges stemming from the arrest. Rae Ann originally faced charges of holding the left lane, refusing to comply with a police officer’s orders, resisting arrest and refusing an inspection. Barry was accused of refusing to comply with a police officer’s orders and resisting arrest. Recently, additional charges were added against them.

Land Line has received numerous calls and letters from OOIDA members in support of the Lorenzes. OOIDA’s Kentucky members have called and written Kentucky officials, including Kentucky Gov. Paul Patton and Shelbyville’s mayor.

Barry and Rae Ann also hired attorney Everett Hoffman to handle the civil litigation. Hoffman filed civil charges March 7 against Mattingly for violation of their federal and state constitutional rights.