Editor’s page

Hot issues. Probably the hottest issue, both in trucking and the rest of the world, is the energy calamity. Jim Johnston describes it as a “hurricane passing through, wreaking havoc and turning things upside down.” For Jim’s comments and what kind of relief OOIDA will be seeking for truckers, read “Issues and Positions,” on page 14.

Another top concern of truckers is the opening of the U.S. border to Mexican trucks. Will a Mexican driver be required to meet our safety standards? If so, can the U.S. enforce those standards? Will Mexican drivers have to speak English? If you want to speak out on the government’s plan to open the border, where can you send your comments? Answers to all these questions on page 16-18.

More Volvo problems. In the May issue, you read what some frustrated Volvo owners are saying about their trucks, what OOIDA is doing about it and what Volvo says their recall will do. Did their recall provide a remedy for reported defects? Volvo owners tell us they are still waiting for solutions. More on page 26.

Like dominoes. When Intrenet Inc. and its subsidiary trucking companies ceased operations and filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, it caused a chain reaction that impacted more than a thousand owner-operators. Feature editor René Tankersley gives you a glimpse into the personal heartbreak of some of these trucking families and tells you what action OOIDA is pursuing on behalf of those owner-operators.

Your equipment. Is there a way to predict your truck’s performance before you buy? Sure there is and who better to tell you just how to do it than LL’s technical editor Paul Abelson. Go to LL’s modern trucking techniques feature on page 63.

Been wanting to try out one of the new automated transmissions for big trucks? Paul Abelson’s test drive of ZF Meritor’s automated two-pedal manual transmission will make you think you were driving the thing yourself. Go to page 40. Buckle up.

It’s about clean air and using less fuel. Is truckstop electrification a solution? Part two in the series, page 68-70 will also tell you what states have anti-smog regs and anti-idling laws. You need to know.

Does your fuel tank smell like rotten eggs? You probably have microbes, or bugs. On page 78, microbiologist Lisa Williams explains how this can ruin your fuel and cause more damage. You’ll also need to know how to diagnose the problem and fix it.

On the net. Ever think you might want to go back to school. Business school, college or whatever? On the Internet, it’s happening, but how do you make sure you’re not getting hooked into one of those phony degrees? Get the facts on page 46.

Your lifestyle. What do you do when a layover in your schedule shuts you down somewhere and the action is as exciting as watching paint dry? Grab a few hours, an overnight, a mini-vacation, and have fun! “Making the most of your layover time” by RenĂ© Tankersley, offers some fun to be found along the nation’s truck routes. Page 28.

And if by chance, you have a bit of spare time at the end of June and find yourself headed west, the International Trucking Show is scheduled for June 27-29 in Las Vegas. Booth number 2325 is where you’ll find OOIDA and Land Line.