Bottom Line
Pocket change

How many times have you walked into a truckstop with a few coins jingling in your pocket? Normally what happens next is you plunk them into a video poker machine or pick up a snack you could do without. Want to save enough to buy that luxury pickup, take a cruise or just set aside a nest egg for your retirement? There’s no magic formula or pyramid scheme involved. Here’s how to turn $1 per day into $67,815 at the end of 30 years.

According to one financial source, the average person has about 84 cents in change in their pocket or purse at any time. How much money do you suppose you could save if you drop those coins into a jar at the end of every day? The fact is, it adds up to about $1 a day, $7 a week. At the end of each month you will have saved about $30.

If you deposit this money wisely, like in a Roth IRA account where it can grow tax-free and be withdrawn tax-free, saving those coins really begins to make sense. Depending on your bank’s investment program, you could get as much as 10 percent interest. Growing tax-free for 30 years, at 10 percent interest, your investment could be worth $67,815.

Of course if you deliberately make an effort to save, the end result could add up to an even bigger savings. Sometimes it pays to sweat the small stuff.

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