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Freightliner letters

I am very disappointed in your "black box" program. I spec'd a Freightliner Classic XL and was ready to order it as our first Freightliner. But now you can keep it. You have no business introducing black box technology as standard equipment with no legislation on what information can be used and for what purpose. This will set up liabilities without limit on companies and drivers.

This industry has enough "Big Brothers" already. There are many issues that need to be addressed before deciding on the black box.

Regarding Freightliner's position on 58 foot, 3 axle, 90,000 pound trailers - why are you trying to shoot yourself in the foot and stab the trucking industry in the back? Whose productivity do you proclaim to increase? Rates haven't increased much for 53-footers. The real change is cost and safety. The 53s cost more, decrease fuel mileage, are more prone to damage, have higher insurance, etc. The 58 footers only multiply all of this. So whose productivity really goes up? Maybe the shipper, but most are already running at maximum output. It only serves to lower mine. Logically it would take five tractors and drivers, and five 48' trailers to move what four 58-footers can move. So every fifth load would constitute one more driver and tractor and trailer.

Want to sell more trucks and create more jobs? It doesn't appear so. Kismet Enterprises is ceasing all business with Freightliner and any of its involvements, and will encourage every carrier, owner-operator and fleet owner possible to do likewise. As OOIDA members we stand committed to fight this with every resource available. Another lost customer.

Lou Steadman
Toledo, OH

My husband & I have been owners of two separate Freightliners over the past five years. We find your response to Mr. Daniel Karr (D/J issue) to be not only offensive, but "true to form" where Freightliner's Customer Service is concerned. In fact, we wish to inform you that this manner of dealing with your customers is exactly why we are former owners of a Freightliner. We have taken our hard-earned dollars elsewhere.

After watching your companies rush to put competition on the market before thorough testing (we refer to the Century Class) and the result being too many safety recall items to list here. And after watching the clock for hours on end at any number of your shops across the continent only to pay for work that was not done properly, in some cases being redone for the second or third time, or for work that was simply not done at all. After having taken our complaints to your customer service representative or shop foreman at the separate dealerships involved, and only rarely reaching a satisfactory agreement, your approach to this matter is indicative of the manner in which Freightliner et al responds to its customer's complaints.

The very idea that Mr. Karr will be looking for a new line of work if he isn't operating a Freightliner is just a bit too "Godlike" of an opinion...

Jeff & Carla Evans
Anderson, CA

I feel the same way as Mr. Karr (D/J issue) does about the black box and the way you people (at Freightliner) are handling it. This is to advise you that I have my last Freightliner, unless your attitude changes on this matter. I have talked to my dealership about this matter and they seem to have more compassion for us drivers than you do. I think you will be looking very silly with a lot full of trucks and no one to drive them, as we all know there is a driver problem now. I have been in trucking for 40 years. I realize Freightliner isn't the only truck out there.

Dennis Marcott
Owen, WI