Rocor update
Update on OOIDA Lawsuit Against Rocor International, Inc. d/b/a Donco Carriers, Inc.

This class action was filed last April. The defendant, Rocor, is alleged to have violated various provisions of both the federal leasing regulations and Oklahoma state law, in regard to its workers' compensation program. Rocor filed a motion to dismiss, to which OOIDA and the plaintiff, Gary Jones, replied. The court has not yet ruled on that motion. An amended complaint was filed in December to add an additional plaintiff, Don C. Holly, and an additional count under Oklahoma state law. In February, OOIDA and the plaintiffs filed a motion for partial summary judgment. Rocor has until March to respond. For more info go to

There are three basic possibilities for the way the judge's ruling could go. First, the judge could grant Rocor's motion to dismiss. That would end the case in Rocor's favor (except for the possibility of an appeal). Second, the judge could deny Rocor's motion to dismiss and grant OOIDA's motion for partial summary judgment. That would mean that Rocor's liability has been established, and all that is left to decide is the amounts to be refunded and the persons to whom those refunds should go. Third, the judge could deny both motions. That would mean that the case would proceed to a regular trial, no earlier than August or September. The judge's ruling on the motions filed by both sides is not expected before the end of April. Stay tuned.