Ohio Lawmakers StoneWall Uniform Speed Limit Bill; New Legislation Will Propose a Test

June 30, 1999 - There are not enough votes to pass Rep. Ron Hood's HB 11 in the House Transportation Committee. The bill calls for truck speeds to be raised to 65 mph, creating uniform speed limits on Ohio highways. On the Senate side, Sen. Richard Schrafrath's companion bill, SB76, isn't going anywhere either. Word is the State Police are opposed to uniform speed limits for cars and trucks, and Senate Highways and Transportation Committee Chair Sen. Scott Oelslager won't go against them. Of course, OOIDA is not giving up. A meeting to discuss the issue is being arranged between lawmakers, the Lt. Governor, and representatives from the State Police, possibly around the middle of July.

A number of lawmakers have indicated to OOIDA representative Joan Kasicki they would support a test of uniform speed limits. Sen. Schafrath will introduce a new bill: this one will propose a one-year test of uniform speed limits on an (as yet) unspecified stretch of Interstate. "The bill should be written and we should have a bill number by the end of July," said Kasicki. "And Rep. Rex Damschroder has agreed to re-introduce his bill calling for a test of uniform speed limits on the Ohio Turnpike."

Ohio truckers should contact their lawmakers in both houses and urge them to approve a test of uniform speed limits. Truckers know that traffic moves more safely and smoothly when all traffic is moving at about the same speed - tell lawmakers you want a chance to prove it.