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New Products

Kenworth Book

Seattle author, Doug Siefkes, has written a 160-page coffee table book detailing Kenworth's history of industry leadership.  Kenworth:  The First 75 Years is a colorful account of a company that is making a rich history of industry innovations that has led to selling more than 575,000 trucks worldwide.  Siefkes, a veteran truck writer, brings Kenworth's history alive by weaving in stories recounted through dozens of interviews with long-time retired and current employees as well as with dealers, owners, drivers and truck historians.

Kenworth Advantages

The new 1998 Kenworth Advantage Savings Book offers trucking professionals instant savings on genuine OEM parts from leading manufacturers for most truck makes.  Plus, customers can enter to win a Hawaiian vacation for two by filling out and mailing in the registration card that is enclosed in the book.  The coupons offer more than $1,000 in savings and are now available at participating Kenworth dealers for the suggested retail price of $9.95. 

The Wave

Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. has introduced the Wave™ multi-purpose tool.  The Wave provides an unmatched array of features in a compact tool including two locking knife blades with one-handed access.  The U.S.-manufactured Wave is 100 percent stainless steel and carries a 25-year warranty.  The Wave weighs in at only eight ounces and measures four inches in length.

Obserview Rear-View Camera Systems

Wysco products has introduced the Obserview Rear-View Camera Systems.  According to the manufacturer, the Obserview System is the most versatile rear-view safety surveillance system available and very affordable.  All systems come with a waterproof camera and 60 feet of cable.  You can choose between black/white or color systems.

Safety Flips

Truck Safe, Inc. has introduced a new safety component for trailers.  Safety Flips are designed to be installed on each side of the trailer and flipped out while parked.  The Safety Flip is made of a high-impact plastic with DOT-approved reflective tape for easy visibility.   According to the manufacturer, Safety Flips can be used with triangles for maximum safety and are ideal for protecting your equipment while parked at truckstops and rest areas.

Centerline Divider System

Donovan Enterprises has introduced its Centerline Divider System.  This system divides trailers longitudinally letting multi-temp distributors gain product accessibility while maintaining the versatility needed to reduce delivery times.

Safer Load Securement

Quick Winch Products, Inc. has developed a line of retrofit products designed to make the job of load securement safer, easier and faster.  The Quick Winch lineup includes;  The Portable Ratchet Drive;  The Permanent Ratchet Drive;  The Mega Tork™ Ratchet/Winch Bar;  The Reel Quick™ Strap Winder;  and the Quick Winch™ Multi Band Restraints.  These products have been designed for truckers by truckers and are the first in a series of products that will be introduced over the next few years.

Side Turn Lamp

Grote Industries now offers a side turn lamp that is moisture proof and allows quick and easy bulb replacement.   The SAE J2039 approved Aerodynamic Side Turn Lamp features a water shedding lens-to-gasket interface that expels moisture through a unique one-way vent filter, allowing vapor to escape while keeping water out.  According to the manufacturer, bulb replacement is a snap.  The bulb is accessed easily by unscrewing one stainless steel screw at each end of the lens.

Cobra expands SoundTracker™ Line

Cobra Electronics has introduced two new Classic citizens band radio models as an expansion of the company's revolutionary SoundTracker line.  The new models, 21 LTD ST and 25 WX ST, feature the SoundTracker system, the company's patent-pending , noise reducing technology.  The new Classic CBs are equipped with tactile controls for enhanced convenience, heavy-duty microphones with Dynamike control, RF Gain, automatic noise limiters, illuminated displays and front mic connectors for easy installation.

RECARO seats star in "Armageddon"

In the hottest action-packed thriller of the summer, "Armageddon," Bruce Willis' seat-of-choice for his crew's moon travel vehicles is the RECARO SPG-Racer.  RECARO seats are built to withstand extreme stress (like an exploding asteroid), and are tailored to hold the body firmly in place in all driving situations (like plummeting across the asteroid's terrain from hell).   RECARO truck seats also keep cool and dry with the patented Vent® system.   Whether you're traveling in outer space or on the road for the long haul, RECARO seats are designed to provide superior ergonomic design, infinite adjustability and an innovative climate system.

The E.D.T.™ Truck Seat Cushion

ROHO, Inc., has released the E.D.T.™ Truck Seat Cushion that will provide comfort to long-haul truckdrivers and reduce impact and vibration.  This product uses ROHO® Dry Floatation® technology to distribute body/seat interface pressures across the cushion's surface.  The E.D.T. Truck Seat Cushion is available in two standard sizes, 18" x 18" or 20" x 20" or ROHO can custom design cushions to fit any size truck seat.

Battery/Coolant Tester

Kernco Instruments Co., Inc. has introduced a new Model 7186 Battery/Coolant tester (refractometer) designed to measure the concentration of coolants and freezing point temperature in all vehicles.  Weighing only seven ounces and measuring six inches long, this handheld tester is easy to read and features an adjustable knob for easy calibration with a rubber eyepiece guard that shields out extraneous light.  The test is easy to do and only takes a few seconds.

MGM introduces long stroke

MGM Brakes has announced the release of two new "Long Life" 3-inch Long Stroke Spring Brakes with a six-year warranty in their industry-proven LTR series.

Fan Clutch

Kysor Cooling Systems has announced the availability of the Genuine Remanufactured K-22RA Fail Safe™ Fan Clutch.  This fan clutch meets all of the original OEM product specifications.   The Fail Safe design means that the fan remains engaged even if the vehicle fan clutch control system completely fails, providing vital cooling when the engine may need it the most.  This product comes with a one-year unlimited mileage warranty.

New 50-amp dual conductor plug

Roll-Rite Corporation has introduced a quick-connect50-amp dual conductor plug having the same body as the familiar 7-wire connector, but designed for a 6-gauge wire.  This receptacle features a spring-loaded cast-aluminum gasketed cover to keep out water, sand, asphalt and debris.  According to Roll-Rite, it easily connects liftgates, cranes, electric tarp systems and other auxiliary.