Proposed cargo securement standard for all of North America nears completion

In an effort to establish uniform regulations for securement in all of North America, the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance are rapidly approaching completion of a uniform development standard.

Although far from implementation throughout North America, the Federal Highway Administration will soon begin the rulemaking process to adopt the standard.

The "North American Cargo Securement Standard" is based on a research project spearheaded by the CCMTA.

Ideally, the new standard would mean that a load properly secured in Davenport, IA, for example, would also be legal in Quebec, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. Every component of the cargo securement system, including anchor points, would be required to work at or below its rating or working load limit. Several specific commodity types would also require special attention.

Currently in the U.S., federal cargo securement regulations are adopted for reference by more than 30 states. In Canada, however, such regulations are left largely up to each separate province to adopt.

"On reflection, it was concluded that differences in the 'rulemaking' processes which are followed in different jurisdictions, coupled with the general requirement to include specific language in acts and/or regulations which would allow citations to be issued presented major obstacles...," a subcommittee acknowledged in a report to the Standards Harmonization Committee.

Copies of the current draft guidelines are available by calling (202) 366-4009. The guidelines are also available at

When the standards are finalized into FHWA regulations, the OOIDA Foundation, Inc. will produce and distribute a video to familiarize drivers with the new procedures. LL