OOIDA supports bills aimed at providing relief from ELD mandate

By Mark Schremmer, Land Line associate editor | 3/14/2019

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is offering its support for a pair of bills that would provide relief to truck drivers from the electronic logging mandate.

Reps. Collin Peterson, R, Minn., and Greg Gianforte, R-Mont., introduced the Small Carrier Electronic Device Exemption Act and the Agricultural Business Electronic Logging Device Exemption Act earlier this week. HR1697 would exempt businesses that operate 10 or fewer commercial trucks, while HR1698 would exempt agricultural businesses from the ELD mandate.

“We appreciate the support of lawmakers like Congressmen Peterson and Gianforte who understand the important role of small-business truckers, who make up the majority of the trucking industry,” OOIDA President Todd Spencer said.

OOIDA has long opposed the ELD mandate and has questioned the claims that it has any safety benefits. A preliminary study released in January lends credence to OOIDA’s skepticism. The 41-page study by researchers from Northeastern University, the University of Arkansas, and Michigan State University found that the use of ELDs have not reduced crashes and may cause an increase in unsafe driving habits.

The ELD mandate started light enforcement in December 2017 and full enforcement in April 2018.

“Electronic logging devices are more Washington red tape that ties up truckers and puts livestock and Montana livelihoods at risk,” Gianforte said in a news release. “These bills will help reduce the unnecessary burden this federal mandate pushes onto Montana’s small trucking operations, farmers, and ranchers.”



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