OOIDA 2018 Alternate Director Candidate: Brad Peterson

By Land Line staff | 12/14/2018

Brad Peterson, 43, Brookings, S.D.

Brad Peterson joined OOIDA seven years ago because he wanted to belong to an organization that helps in all aspects of trucking. Brad reads Land Line religiously to stay informed on industry issues as well as follows trucking news and listens to Road Dog radio. Education is one of the keys to succeeding in trucking.

Along with education and knowledge, you need patience to succeed in the business. Patience at loading and unloading facilities; patience when driving on the highways with the motoring public. You also must be willing to put the appropriate investment into your business. It’s expensive to purchase and maintain good, reliable equipment but that is exactly what it takes to do the job.

Brad would like to participate on the OOIDA Board of Directors so that he could be in a position to help make a difference. He sees many inconsistencies in laws and regulations from state to state and even county to county within the states. Being part of OOIDA would allow him to be part of a group that has the ability to shape policy for trucking – both legislative and regulatory – and make needed industry changes.

Brad says he would contribute by bringing his experience to the board if chosen by the members to represent them. He has been in trucking or farming in some fashion since he was born; his father was a trucker and Brad followed in those footsteps. He has pulled a vast array of commodities from concrete, wood, hay, steel, buildings and refrigerated items to equipment and oversize loads.

Brad also does his part to contact lawmakers; he does that via phone and letter. He contacted his congresswoman to thank her for her “no” vote on ELDs. He believes it’s as important to thank those that support our issues as it is to communicate our opposition to others.

For drivers entering the industry, Brad sees adequate parking as a major problem. He lives in a sparsely populated area with not much truck traffic, however, he has noticed that even in those areas truck stops, gas stations, rest areas and off ramps are full. He also sees problems with the hours-of-service regulations that have been highlighted by the ELD mandate. He cautions new drivers to know the regulations because enforcement can be inconsistent.

Brad is currently an owner-operator with his own authority; he pulls a drop deck trailer and does some cattle hauling, too. When not working, Brad and his family enjoy camping and other outdoor activities. 

Brad Peterson