Ohio DOT says truckers aren't to blame in 75 percent of fatality crashes

By Mark Schremmer, Land Line staff writer | 11/22/2017

The Ohio Department of Transportation recently released a statistic that confirmed something that most truck drivers already know, which is that a majority of crashes aren’t their fault.

Based on statistics from 2016, the Ohio DOT confirmed that the truck driver wasn’t at fault in about 75 percent of fatality crashes involving a commercial motor vehicle.

“We found that the vast majority of commercial vehicle crashes that involved a fatality were not the fault of the truck driver,” said Matt Bruning, press secretary for the Ohio DOT. “It was actually the fault of the four-wheeled driver.”

For a week, billboards in Ohio delivered a message aimed at teaching four-wheeled drivers how to safely maneuver around heavy-duty trucks. The billboards read, “Cutting off trucks can cut lives short.”

“The message was, ‘don’t cut off trucks,’” Bruning said. “We know a lot of these are people who jump in front of a semi. You can’t stop a semi on a dime, and we just want to remind people of that.”

Bruning stressed the importance of informing the general public that truck drivers typically aren’t the ones to blame.

“I had a person call who was upset that we were blaming four-wheeled drivers,” he said. “When I gave him the statistics, he said ‘Really?’ I said, ‘Yeah. Perception is not always reality.’”



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