Heightened traffic enforcement continues through Saturday

By Land Line staff | Monday, October 16, 2017

Operation Safe Driver Week, an annual increased traffic law enforcement push promoted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, began Sunday, Oct. 15. It is scheduled to continue through Saturday, Oct. 21.

Expect law enforcement agencies to write more warnings and citations this week for speeding, distracted driving, texting, failure to use seatbelt, traveling too closely, improper lane change and failure to obey traffic control devices.

In 2016, there were 20,648 citations or warnings issued throughout the United States and Canada during Operation Safe Driver Week.

Of that total, 19,657 citations or warnings were issued in the United States and 991 were issued in Canada.

Commercial motor vehicle drivers were given 11,182 citations or warnings in 2016 while 9,466 citations or warnings were issued to passenger-vehicle drivers during Operation Safe Driver Week.

The top five warnings and citations issued to commercial motor vehicle drivers were for these infractions:

  • State and local moving violations – 56.7 percent
  • Speeding – 19.6 percent
  • Failure to obey traffic control device – 7.6 percent
  • Failure to use seatbelt while operating CMV – 7.1 percent
  • Using a handheld phone – 2.4 percent

Operation Safe Driver Week is sponsored the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, in partnership with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The first was in 2007.

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