Pennsylvania bills call for truck size and weight changes

By Keith Goble, Land Line state legislative editor | 9/7/2017

Work continues at the Pennsylvania statehouse with multiple bills up for consideration to revise truck size and weight rules.

One House bill addresses the maximum weight of heavy-duty tow trucks on the state’s roadways.

Sponsored by Rep. Steve Barrar, R-Upper Chichester, the bill would set a maximum weight for large tow trucks and additional safety requirements when towing a disabled vehicle. Heavy-duty tow trucks in combination with a disabled vehicle would be permitted to exceed the axle, dimensional and maximum gross weight limits up to a combined weight of 150,000 pounds.

The distance of travel for a heavy-duty tow truck with a disabled vehicle would be limited to 75 miles within the point of pick-up. Towing length restrictions for affected tows would also be limited to 150 feet.

Barrar wrote in a memo to fellow legislators that he believes the changes can be made and still ensure the safe operations of heavy-duty tow trucks on the state’s roadways.

The bill, HB1678, is in the House Transportation Committee.

The House Transportation Committee voted to advance a separate bill that covers fees for certain overweight loads. Specifically, HB1444 would assess an annual hauling permit fee of $900 for overweight vehicles less than 100,000 pounds with a hauling distance further than 50 miles.

State law now authorizes a permit fee of $750 for affected loads traveling more than one mile.

The transportation of multiple hot ingots would also be allowed for up to 125 miles. Existing state law limits the transport of one hot ingot up to 25 miles.

Rep. Jim Marshall, R-Butler, wrote that technological advances in the manufacturing process allow for ingots to be shipped in multiple pieces, “and the need for lengthier travel between manufacturing plants has become greater.”

His bill has moved to the House Rules Committee before heading to the chamber floor for further consideration.

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