Kentucky CDL holders will be required to submit documents online

By Land Line staff | 9/1/2017

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has launched a Web portal called My CDL that will allow commercial drivers to complete CDL applications and self-certifications online. It also will allow CDL holders to upload pictures of medical examiners’ certificates and waivers.

Kentucky CDL holders can access the Kentucky CDL Document Portal here.

As of Oct. 1, submitting these documents through the My CDL Web portal will become mandatory. As of that date, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will no longer accept documents through fax or by email from the Clerk’s office.

The necessary data can be submitted through any smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet, according to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. My CDL users should receive email confirmation of document receipt. Within 10 days, they should be alerted via email whether their reviewed documents meet federal guidelines or require further attention.

“My CDL eliminates the guesswork of document submission for our CDL customers as well as saves them time and money,” Matt Cole, director of the Division of Driver Licensing, said in a news release. “In addition to providing a modernized, secure, convenient service for our 136,000 CDL holders, the document portal also reduces manual processes for the Division of Driver Licensing. This presents our team of employees the opportunity to support customers and time to review CDL document submissions with the 10 days the federal government allows.”

First-time users of My CDL will be directed to the Kentucky Business One Stop portal to create a KBOS account. Users then will be able to gain admittance to the My CDL portal.

A tutorial an how to use My CDL can be found here.

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