Paccar rolls out new transmission, last piece to complete integrated powertrain

By Jami Jones, Land Line managing editor | 8/22/2017

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. – Top to bottom and front to back, fully integrated powertrains are all the rage. Paccar Powertrain rolled out its new 12-speed automated transmission on Tuesday – effectively filling in the final piece of the Paccar integrated powertrain puzzle.

“The Paccar Automated Transmission is engineered to work seamlessly with Paccar MX engines and Paccar axles and provide industry-leading performance,” said Landon Sproull, Paccar vice president.

The new fully integrated powertrain was unveiled at the Paccar Technical Center in Mount Vernon, Wash., to industry media. Paired with the Paccar MX-13 and Paccar drive axles, the transmission completes a fully integrated powertrain carrying the Paccar nameplate.

The new transmission was not a conversion from a manual transmission, Paccar execs told the media. It was built as a proprietary transmission in cooperation with Eaton from a clean slate. The Paccar and Eaton teams have worked on the development of the transmission for about three years.

The Paccar transmission features a hill start aid, engine overspeed protection, enhanced engine braking, creep mode, neutral coast, and other predictive features. The system allows for effortless driving in stop-and-go traffic as well as driving in up and down hill terrains.

The 12-speed transmission features two reverse gears as well. The seamless operation in reverse makes backing smooth in tight situations and out of a near-jackknife position. The required precision maneuvering in reverse happens seamlessly with multiple starts and stops – without the need for engaging a clutch.

The transmission weighs in at about 657 pounds, nearly 105 pounds lighter than comparable transmissions according to Paccar reps. Capable of 1,850 lb-ft of torque, the 510-horsepower, 12-speed transmission turns 1,100 rpm at the lower cruise speed. Transmission oil is recommended for change at 750,000 miles.

It comes complete with a five-year/750,000-mile warranty on the transmission and a three-year/350,000 mile warranty on the clutch.

The automated transmission, built specifically for the linehaul and on-highway lineup of Paccar trucks, will be available in October 2017 as an option.

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