North Dakota Department of Agriculture seeks truckers to help with hay lottery

By Land Line staff | 8/22/2017

In order to get hay to drought-affected ranchers, the North Dakota Department of Agriculture is seeking trucking companies willing to transport donated loads to North Dakota State University’s distribution center.

A hay lottery is being conducted to help livestock producers in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. Many loads worth of hay have already been donated to help the cause, and now truckers are being asked to donate their services.

“So far, we’ve had six loads delivered from the Michigan area,” said Doug Goehring, North Dakota agriculture commissioner. “We had a few truck drivers stick around to haul some in a local area from about a couple hundred miles, and they hauled another 10 loads over the weekend and through (Monday). We still have somewhere between 30, 40 or possibly 50 more loads that could come in to our hay lottery. They are all the way from 200, 300, 400 and 500 miles from Fargo, N.D.”

Those interested in hauling hay for the lottery can call 701-328-4764 or 844-642-4752 for more information.

Livestock producers eligible to receive the hay must be from a county designated to be in severe, extreme or exceptional drought by the U.S. Drought Monitor or a fire-affected county and own at least 25 animal unit equivalents of state-specific livestock.

Land Line Now’s Mary McKenna contributed to this report.

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