One-million-pound superload traveling through Arkansas

By Land Line staff | 6/29/2017

What’s the heaviest load you have hauled? 100,000 pounds? 500,000 pounds? Southwestern Electric Power Co. was recently issued a permit by the Arkansas Highway Police to haul a 1-million-pound superload.

According to the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department, the massive cargo is a transformer headed to a substation southeast of Siloam Springs. The truck hauling the load is 300 feet long with 30 axles.

With the cargo, the dimensions will clock in at a height of 15 feet 8 inches and a width of 19 feet. Three trucks total will be operating the job: one truck pulling and two trucks behind pushing.

Expected to take up to two days for the travel, the trip begins on Thursday, June 29, and will take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., avoiding peak traffic hours. Delays are expected as the cargo is expected to move at a 10-15 mph pace.

Arkansas Highway Police have been planning the trip since April. To view the route map, click here.

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