Geotab study reveals July 4 deadliest day to drive

By Land Line staff | 6/29/2017

Motorists should be extra cautious when on the road during Independence Day. According to Geotab, July 4 is officially the most dangerous day to drive in the United States.

The telematics and GPS vehicle tracking company studied fatality and traffic data over a 10-year period to see the difference between states when it comes to road safety.

With a Fatal Crash Rate (FCR) of 14.9, July 4 proved to be the deadliest for motorists. Close behind at 14.5 was Aug. 2 and Sept. 2 at 14.1. Days that surround holidays where alcohol is typically consumed, including Labor Day, Halloween and New Year’s Day, were found to be among the most dangerous for motorists.

Approximately 28 percent of road crashes are alcohol-related, according to Geotab. However, that rate skyrockets during holidays: July 4 (47 percent), New Year’s Day (41.6 percent) and Halloween (41 percent).

On the other end, Christmas day was found to the safest day to drive with a FCR of only 7.6. Feb. 26 came in at second with a FCR of 8.2, followed by March 12 at 8.8. With the exception of Dec. 25, all top ten safest driving days occurred within the first three months of the year.

Accounting for the entire calendar, Geotab found Montana to be the most dangerous state to drive in. The top ten most dangerous states are:

  1. Montana (16.9 FCR)
  2. South Carolina (16.7)
  3. West Virginia (15.9)
  4. Louisiana (15.9)
  5. Arkansas (15.6)
  6. Mississippi (15.6)
  7. Kentucky (14.8)
  8. Alabama (13.6)
  9. Tennessee (13.5)
  10. South Dakota (13.4)

The safest state? Massachusetts. Top ten safest states include:

  1. Massachusetts (6.3)
  2. Minnesota (6.6)
  3. District of Columbia (7.0)
  4. Rhode Island (7.8)
  5. New Jersey (7.8)
  6. Connecticut (8.1)
  7. Washington (8.2)
  8. New Hampshire (8.2)
  9. Vermont (8.3)
  10. New York (8.5)

The findings followed an analysis of road traffic, crash and fatality reports, including the Fatality Analysis Reporting System and Traffic Volume Trends. Geotab calculated a Fatal Crash Rate for each day and U.S. state, made up of the total number of fatal road accidents per billion miles driven by cars, trucks and motorcycles.

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