DAT Solutions: A simmering summer for spot rates

Special to Land Line | 6/22/2017

The spot truckload market picked up steam in May and June, with load-to-truck ratios and rates hitting highs we haven’t seen in a long time. A few bumps last week won’t slow the roll.

The number of load posts on MembersEdge dipped 1 percent, and truck posts were up 8 percent as capacity returned to the spot market following the Roadcheck inspection blitz. Load-to-truck ratios may have taken a step back but they’re still in good shape for truckers:

  • Van ratio: 5.2 loads per truck, down 9 percent
  • Reefer ratio: 9.1, down 10 percent
  • Flatbed ratio: 44.5, down 10 percent

Rates, meanwhile, remain at two-year highs. To the trendlines:

Van trends: The number of posted van loads declined 1 percent while truck posts increased 9 percent. Again, we’ll chalk that up to Roadcheck. The national average van rate held steady at $1.79/mile last week, but it has added 11 cents since May 27.

L.A. gains: Van freight posts in Los Angeles are 10 percent higher over the last month. The average outbound van rate there added 2 cents per mile week over week, hitting $2.30/mile.

Houston happening: Rates from Houston rebounded in a big way, up 6 cents to an average of $1.87/mile. Two outbound lanes to watch:

  • Houston-New Orleans rose 22 cents to $2.65/mile
  • Houston-Oklahoma City hit a new high at $2.30/mile. This has been a wildly up-and-down lane in recent weeks.

Cooling off: Average outbound van rates fell on 40 of the top 100 van lanes. In a lot of cases the declines were small, but they included some key markets:

  • Dallas: $1.76/mile, down 1 cent
  • Denver: $1.10/mile, down 3 cents
  • Columbus: $1.98/mile, down 4 cents
  • Chicago: $2.03/mile, down 2 cents

Reefer trends: The number of reefer load posts dipped 2 percent while truck posts jumped 8 percent. The national average rate was unchanged at $2.11/mile, the highest average in nearly two years. On the top 72 reefer lanes, surprisingly only 27 had higher rates.

Rocky Mountain high: At $1.30/mile, Denver has the lowest average outbound reefer rate in the country. But inbound rates on several lanes were up: Los Angeles-Denver rose 37 cents to $3.23/mile, Dallas-Denver added 24 cents to $2.67/mile, and Chicago-Denver paid 19 cents better at $2.20/mile.

Florida falling: The lane from Lakeland-Charlotte bounced back 13 cents to $2.00/mile. That wasn’t a typical trend out of Florida, though. Drought and wildfires hampered the state’s prime shipping season this year and prices on lanes out of Miami are down.

Flatbed demand dips: After hitting its highest level in years the previous week, the flatbed load-to-truck ratio slipped 10 percent as the number of flatbed load posts held steady and truck posts increased 11 percent. At $2.15/mile, the national average flatbed rate was unchanged compared to the previous week.

Diesel digest: On-highway diesel prices continue to slide. The national average fell another 3 cents to $2.49/gallon last week.

Tri-haul of the week:Houston-Oklahoma City has been a volatile lane as far as rates go, but when prices are down, a tri-haul route can pad the wallet.

The backhaul market rate from OKC-Houston was $1.78/mile last week, but you can head to Shreveport instead. It paid a little better at $1.78/mile, but Shreveport-Houston averaged $2.46/mile last week. Based on average rates from the past week, you can you add nearly $500 if you haul an extra 180 miles on your roundtrip. The extra pick and drop might not be worth the effort when the Houston-OKC leg is paying well, but the tri-haul should work most weeks when that rate is down. 

Rates are derived from DAT RateView, which provides real-time reports on prevailing spot market and contract rates, as well as historical rate and capacity trends. All reported rates include fuel surcharges. 

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