OOIDA supports West Virginia county's proposed wrecker policy

By Mark Schremmer, Land Line staff writer | 3/27/2017

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association recently sent a letter to the Greenbrier County Commission in West Virginia, asking the commissioners to support a proposed wrecker service policy that aims to ensure that “consumers are treated fairly and equitably.”

In addition, OOIDA shared information with the commission regarding a towing case in nearby Summers County.

“As Greenbrier County continues to consider the proposed wrecker service policy, we feel obligated to advise you about an issue we have had with a towing and recovery company in your area,” OOIDA wrote. “In short, OOIDA filed a complaint against Anthony’s in June 2015 for a job they performed in July 2014. We alleged that Anthony’s invoice included a number of fraudulent charges, including many that were in violation of Public Service Commission rules and regulations, and that the service they provided was otherwise negligent.”

In July 2014, OOIDA Life Member Ysabel Luna was hauling garage door panels south along a sharp uphill curve on Route 20 in West Virginia when the passenger-side tires of his trailer went in the ditch. Luna said the incident was relatively minor and believed he could get the trailer out with the help of another bobtail. Instead, Anthony’s was called to the scene without his consent. Luna said Anthony’s used multiple wreckers and caused damage to the product.

OOIDA, which insures Luna, received an invoice for more than $30,000. The Association’s complaint cited what it believed to be were several overcharges. Eventually, OOIDA filed a civil case against Anthony’s and received a judgment for $39,716.

As of Jan. 26, Anthony’s has a judgment against it in the amount of $45,683 with prejudgment interest still accruing until paid.

OOIDA reminded the Greenbrier County Commissioners that its proposed wrecker service policy states that “the opportunity to participate in the wrecker services provided for by this policy is a privilege and not a right.”

“We would further argue that Anthony’s, at least in our experience, has violated several “Performance Standard” provisions in the County’s proposed policy,” OOIDA wrote. “In short, for the reasons outlined herein we have no reason to expect that Anthony’s will comply with the letter or spirit of the County’s proposed wrecker service policy.”

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