Father's interest in politics sparks career path for former OOIDA scholarship winner

By Mark Schremmer, Land Line staff writer | 1/27/2017

Motivated by her trucker dad’s interest in politics and helped along by an OOIDA scholarship award, Hannah Biniecki Loop has an impressive resume. Hannah is the daughter of OOIDA Senior Member Dale Biniecki and was a winner of the OOIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship in 2008.

Hannah has served as the legislative director for former Michigan State Rep. Nancy Jenkins. She also managed logistics for the traveling press corps during Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012.

“Being a truck driver, my dad always had a lot of time to think while out on the road,” Loop said. “We’d always have dinner time conversations about politics and current events. Because of that, it really piqued my interest in politics. Once I explored that more, I just fell in love with it. I started working on different campaigns, and it eventually became my career.”

Loop, a native of Monroe, Mich., received a $2,000 renewable scholarship from OOIDA in 2008. She used the money to attend Saint Mary’s College in Indiana, earning degrees in political science and intercultural studies. She also studied American politics at American University in Washington, D.C. In 2013, she was a panelist on Fox News, serving as an advocate for the Millennial Generation.

Each year, the OOIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship Fund awards one $2,000 scholarship and four $1,000 scholarships. The applications for this year’s OOIDA Scholarship must be postmarked by Wednesday, Feb. 1. The students, who must be children, grandchildren or legal dependents of OOIDA members, are selected in a blind evaluation conducted by the Scholarship Advisory Committee.

She said the scholarship from OOIDA made it easier to attend college.

“I was very excited and relieved to be one of the national winners,” Loop said. “It really helped alleviate a financial burden and allowed me to really focus on my studies.”

Working in politics, Loop said she has kept in mind the needs of truck drivers and other working-class people.

“I think it gave me a realistic perspective on everyday working people,” Loop said of having a father who works as a truck driver. “It gave me a good perspective entering the job market. Plus, he helped teach me about hard work and an ethical lifestyle. I think that helped shape everything for me from politics to everyday life.”

She married Jake Loop in 2016. Her husband works as an inner-city missionary, and they are both involved in community work in Michigan.

“We do a lot of work with the less fortunate,” Loop said.

For her next task, she hopes to continue helping others. Loop said she is currently interviewing for jobs because Jenkins reached her term limits earlier this month.

“That’s the nature of politics,” Loop said. “I’m interviewing for a couple of jobs in the nonprofit sector. I want to do something that has aspects of a political job and use it for an actual cause. I want to help my community.”

Students interested in the OOIDA scholarship must submit an application, a 500 word essay, and a transcript from high school or an institution of higher learning.

Scholarship awards are transferred directly to the student’s selected institution and can be renewed for a total of four years. The funds can be used for tuition or any legitimate school-related expenses.

Go to the OOIDA website to learn more about the scholarship program and to download an application.

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