New FDA mandate expected to affect all carriers hauling food

By Mark Schremmer, Land Line staff writer | 1/24/2017

Last year, the Food and Drug Administration moved forward on a new regulation regarding the sanitary transportation of food. According to the FDA, large carriers will be required to comply with the mandate by April 2017, and small carriers won’t have to comply until April 2018.

However, that may not be the reality.

Doug Morris, OOIDA’s security operations director, said he’s hearing that most shippers and brokers don’t plan to offer loads to any carrier, regardless of size, if they’re not meeting the new requirements by April 2017.

“If you’re an owner-operator and you have the small-business exemption, that’s fine from a government standpoint. But from the industry side, shippers aren’t going to ask if you’re a small business or not,” Morris said. “Come April 2017, they’re basically going to say that everyone is going to have to comply. Most of the shippers we’ve heard from have said that everyone is going to have to conform to the regulations.”

The FDA defined large carriers as businesses that employ more than 500 full-time employees.

The requirements for the carrier will include documented training that provides awareness of potential food safety problems that may occur, basic sanitary practices, and carrier responsibilities under the rule.

OOIDA soon plans to offer an overview of the training requirements on the Foundation website. An overview of the final rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food can be found here. As OOIDA learns more about the training requirements from the FDA, more information will be provided through the Association’s Online Business Education.

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