Scholarship applications must be postmarked by Feb. 1

By Mark Schremmer, Land Line staff writer | 1/23/2017

Students hoping to be the next recipients of the OOIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship have one day left to turn in their applications.

The next set of winners will join 85 previous winners, who have received more than $295,000 in funds since the scholarship was established in 1998.


Ashley Bugbee , daughter of OOIDA Senior Member Stuart Bugbee, was one of five winners of the OOIDA Scholarship in 2006. Bugbee is now an operations officer at BTC Bank in Bethany, Mo.

Each year, the OOIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship Fund awards one $2,000 scholarship and four $1,000 scholarships. The students, who must be children, grandchildren or legal dependents of OOIDA members, are selected in a blind evaluation conducted by the Scholarship Advisory Committee. The applications for this year’s OOIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship must be postmarked by Feb. 1.

For Ashley Bugbee, the best part of earning a $1,000 scholarship from the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association may have been that it took some of the pressure off her parents.

“It was very exciting to earn a scholarship,” Bugbee said. “I have two parents who have worked very hard. It was a relief that there was a little assistance out there. The scholarship meant that they knew they wouldn’t have to help us much, and there wasn’t as much of a need to take out student loans. It’s always helpful to have a little assistance.”

Bugbee, who was one of five winners of the OOIDA Scholarship in 2006, now serves as an operations officer at BTC Bank in Bethany, Mo. She is the daughter of OOIDA Senior Member Stuart Bugbee.

Bugbee used the scholarship to help her earn a bachelor’s degree from Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Mo. While her majors of biology and psychology don’t directly apply to her job at BTC Bank, she said receiving a college education was more than worth it.

“I tell people that I’m putting my education to use, but just not how I thought I would,” she said. “Going to college definitely helped me grow as a person. You go from living with your family to being on your own. You learn a lot about life, and many of the classes I took weren’t for biology or psychology.”

Instead of using her degree, Bugbee has worked her way up the ladder at BTC Bank. She started at working at the bank after she graduated from high school and has worked as a teller, bookkeeper, and IT specialist before being promoted to operations officer.

Bugbee said both of her parents taught her the importance of work ethic.

“I learned that you have to work hard for whatever you want in life,” she said.

Students in search of a scholarship must submit an application, a 500 word essay, and a transcript from high school or an institution of higher learning.

Scholarship awards are transferred directly to the student’s selected institution and can be renewed for a total of four years. The funds can be used for tuition or any legitimate school-related expenses.

Go to the OOIDA website to learn more about the scholarship program and to download an application.

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