Trucking company warns of phone scam

By Land Line staff | 1/16/2017

An owner of a trucking company in Minnesota is warning others of a potential scam that involves a person pretending to be an officer and requesting payment for repairs over the phone.

Joyce Brenny, an OOIDA member and owner of Brenny Transportation, said her company received a call on Wednesday, Jan. 11, from an “Officer Davies” with the Arizona State Patrol claiming that one of their trucks had run over some steel that had fallen off another truck. The number was from a 520 area code, which serves the Tucson, Ariz., area.

She said that the person representing himself as “Officer Davies” then handed the phone over to someone who claimed to be a repairman. The repairman requested payment for invoices of $988.72 and $994.16, respectively.

“This caller actually had our truck number and said we had damages and that we needed to pay for the damages right now,” Brenny said.

Brenny said they told him that they would need a few minutes and would call him back. During that time, they called their driver to ask him if the truck had any breakdowns or was in need of repair. The driver said he hadn’t experienced any problems and that he was parked at a truck stop in the area on a rest break.

After that, Brenny’s company called the number back and accused them of trying to pull a scam. She said the person then asked if their company was in Houston. When Brenny responded that it wasn’t, they said they had the wrong company and hung up.

Brenny summarized the incident in a Facebook post in order to warn others of the incident and to advise them not to give their credit card information over the phone to strangers.

“We’re really encouraging people to double-check and to talk with your drivers,” she said.

Others involved in the trucking industry responded on Facebook, saying they’ve come across similar scams over the years.

“In 35 years in the trucking industry, I had never received a call like this that was a scam,” Brenny said. “There’s more of this type of thing happening now, which is sad.”

Brenny said she informed the Arizona State Patrol of the incident.

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