OOIDA membership elects five to Board of Directors

By Land Line staff | 1/10/2017

Every two years, OOIDA’s voting members cast ballots to elect alternates to the Association’s Board of Directors. This week, Robert Esler, chairman of OOIDA’s Nomination-Election Committee, announced the names of the newly elected board members. John Koglman, Michael Kordi, Chuck Paar, Hamlin “Trot” Raney III and Doug Smith will be sworn in at the Association’s Spring Board Meeting.

John Marshall Koglman, Oberlin, Ohio, has been an owner-operator since he bought his first truck in 1972. John is 71 and a senior member of OOIDA. He has already served one term on the Board of Directors. He’s hauled stone, sand, pipes, lumber and more. Currently, he hauls mulch with a walking floor trailer and hauls logs for a tree-crane service. As a board member, he says his duty will be to promote OOIDA and to be active on member issues.

Michael Kordi, Sunnyvale, Texas, is 37 and an owner-operator leased to a carrier. He hauls dry van products primarily between the Midwest and West Coast. He joined OOIDA in 2006 to take advantage of services and discovered that OOIDA is all about the same issues that are critical to his business. As a board member, he’ll share this information with other member prospects.

Charles “Chuck” Paar, Mount Jewett, Pa., is 61 and a small-fleet owner with five owner-operators leased to him. He has been a member of OOIDA since 1989 and is now a life member. With 43 years of experience, Chuck believes it makes him a helpful mentor to his leased owner-operators. He also believes good input from others can result in truckers being better business people. As a board member, he’ll apply this conviction.

Hamlin “Trot” Raney III, Wake Forest, N.C., is 45 and has his own authority. He pulls a flatbed hauling various equipment and materials. Trot, who joined OOIDA in 2010, would like to see the Association recruit younger members, would like to see new “blood” in the trucking industry, and wants to be part of that younger perspective. His goal as a board member is to be “part of the solution.”

Douglas Ralph Smith is a life member from Bountiful, Utah. He is 63 and has more than 46 years of experience in the trucking industry, with 37 years as an owner-operator. His current operation is dump truck and heavy haul. Doug joined OOIDA in 1999 because he liked getting the representation on issues that matter to him. As a board member, he’s ready to tackle serious obstacles faced by all truckers.

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