Halliburton fined $400k for violating CARB regulations

| 11/1/2016

Halliburton Energy Services will pay more than $400,000 after reaching a settlement for violating California Air Resources Board regulations, according to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency press release.

According to the EPA, Halliburton operated 61 heavy-duty trucks in California from 2012 to 2014 without the required diesel particulate filters. Furthermore, the Houston-based energy company failed to verify compliance with the California Truck and Bus Regulation for hired motor carriers.

EPA made an announcement of the settlement at Van Deene Avenue Elementary School near Torrance, Calif.

“This settlement clearly demonstrates that working together with the U.S. EPA provides expanded and enhanced enforcement of California’s Truck and Bus Regulation,” said Todd Sax, head of CARB’s Enforcement Division, in a news release.

Halliburton will pay $180,600 on environmental projects to reduce air pollution at schools in Los Angeles; $75,000 on air quality improvement in the San Joaquin Valley; and $154,400 in civil penalties. The company must also prove it has taken measures to comply with CARB regulations.

Money for school projects will go toward the purchase of air filter systems within the schools. A five-year supply of replacement filters is included in the project. Van Deene Avenue Elementary School is located near Interstate 110. Two other schools to receive filter systems, Riley High School and 186th Street Elementary School, are situated near Interstate 405.

Funds for the San Joaquin Valley project will go to the Healthy Air Living Schools Program, which will allow schools to receive hourly, real-time data on poor air quality. The program enables schools to take action to avoid students being exposed to unhealthy outdoor air.

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