OOIDA comments highlight enforcement discrepancies

By Terry Scruton, Land Line Now News Anchor | 6/24/2016

OOIDA wants the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to know that the data being used for its proposed carrier safety fitness determination rule is seriously flawed.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association made that clear in follow-up comments filed with the administration this week. The proposed rule – which would build on existing CSA data to create a safety determination system for carriers – was unveiled earlier this year. OOIDA said at the time that the FMCSA must first fix the problems with the flawed data in the Compliance, Safety, Accountability safety measurement program before it could use that data to build another program.

In its new comments, OOIDA analyzed violation data from various states to illustrate the fact that there is a lack of uniformity in violations handed out by each state and therefore that data is incapable of supporting safety fitness determinations.

For example, the number of false logbook violations handed out in Oregon is more than eight times the national average. OOIDA Director of Regulatory Affairs Scott Grenerth says this doesn’t mean that drivers are somehow more unsafe when they go into Oregon, but rather is a prime example of how the data is flawed.

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