Let's talk trucking: Road Dog Roundtable set for Feb 2

| 1/26/2016

The first Road Dog Roundtable discussing the next-gen drivers and driver training airs on Sirius XM on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

The Road Dog Roundtable – an on-air sit-down featuring hosts from across the Road Dog Trucking Radio channel discussing a single topic in depth – is carried exclusively on Sirius XM.

The show, moderated by Freewheelin’s Chris Tsakis, will air between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Eastern on Sirius XM Rod Dog Trucking Radio Channel, Channel 146. The panel will discuss “Where will the next generation of drivers come from and what should be done about driver training?”

The panel features Dave Nemo host of the Dave Nemo Show; Jami Jones with Land Line Now and Land Line Magazine; KC Phillips host of Road Dog Live; Kevin Rutherford host of Trucking Business & Beyond; Mark Willis host of Road Dog News; Meredith Ochs co-host of Freewheelin’ and Tim Ridley host of The Tim Ridley Show.

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