Daimler Trucks invests millions in South Carolina facilities

| 1/21/2016

Daimler Trucks of North America will be investing millions in facility expansion and operation improvements in Gaffney, S.C., according to a DTNA press release.

Specifically, more than $22 million will be invested in Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. The investment will also drive implementation of a new line-side delivery process, which will use nearly 60 percent more component kitting.

Daimler representatives explained that the kitting process is a just-in-time parts delivery process in which parts are pulled per vehicle VIN or engine number and placed on a cart. This cart is then delivered to the plant. Once the engine, for example, is launched, the kit or cart with all of the serial specific parts follows the engine. This will not only free up space around the line, but also virtually eliminates the possibility of the wrong part being installed, according to the release.

Money from the investment will fund the construction of a new logistics center for Freightliner Custom Chassis. Expansions of the office building, employee parking lot, completed chassis parking and load/delivery operations will also be a part of the investment.

Expansions include a 25 percent increase in personal work stations; an increase in the training room capacity from 25 to 100; the amount of available team work space doubled; and an increase in the cafeteria capacity from 15 to 119.

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