Fontaine recalls more than 500 flatbed trailers

| 11/17/2015

After nearly 7,000 fifth wheel recalls earlier this year, Fontaine has issued another set of recalls for a different piece of equipment. Fontaine is recalling more than 500 flatbed trailers, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents.

Fontaine Revolution flatbed trailers model years 2014 to 2016 are affected by the latest recall. According to federal documents, affected trailers have welds that may crack. The welding cracks are where the structural support member attaches to the frame hanger.

If the welds were to crack, the structural support member might separate from the frame hanger resulting in a failure of the slider box. Potential crashes could occur as a result.

Fontaine will notify owners and inspect the trailers. Crack repairs and other necessary reinforcing will be done by the company free of charge if needed. Drivers can contact Fontaine at 205-485-1300 with the recall name “Slider Enhancement.”

Back in September, Fontaine had to recall nearly 7,000 Ultra LT fifth wheels. A defect in the fifth wheels resulted in a trailer disconnecting from the tractor. In January 2014, a trailer disconnected from a 2012 International ProStar using the Ultra LT fifth wheel, striking two vehicles and killing both drivers.

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